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The development team is composed of dozens of engineers, academics and specialists who made a bold move and positioned the first car in the high-performance bracket where anything less than perfect would have the potential to be extremely dangerous and costly, causing serious reputational damage to the brand. To make our lives a little harder, we have set a new benchmark for what a hyper-crossover vehicle should be – unique, hand-crafted, head-turning, fast and rare – a very tough engagement in mastering so many disciplines in one motor vehicle. After considerably work on research and development, today we confirm that we are developing an all-new Maci crossover coupe, which will emerge proudly at the apex of South African luxury manufacturing:

  • The fastest crossover on the market - a crossover with supercar performance and exhilarating driving experience
  • A car with unsurpassed versatility – racetrack car, weekend car, family car, road and trail car
  • The very first South African car worthy of carrying the pioneering and the adventurous spirit of the nation into the future
  • A masterpiece of design, engineering and superior craftsmanship – a car crafted by enthusiasts with engineering degrees
  • A car with the architecture of fiber reinforced polymers

We went lengths in pursuit of perfection because Maci is destined to model the pride and dignity of the nation as Rolls Royce is to the Britons and Ferrari to the Italians – a newly-found symbol of South African excellence. So we challenged our engineers and design team, led by Chief Designer Murray Sharp, to create a unique and an outstanding new car. We will take our time in developing and perfecting this new car. We will include some very special customers who are our anchor points to innovations that mirror clients’ dreams and ambitions. We will also include the media along the way and will keep everyone informed of our progress. Until then, you can envisage a hand-built machine in a league of its own. A car produced not in competition to the current crossover car establishment - a colossal model that is designed to look imposing, tailored and eye-catching with perfection to detail. South Africa’s own auto brand has finally arrived. Rest assured it was worth the wait.

Zandile Maci,